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Marrying a monster doesn’t change his nature…

They call my husband-to-be “Mob Prince,” but his happily-ever-after consists of bound wrists and broken promises. Tall, dark, and handsome don’t begin to describe his level of gorgeous. Tony Costa is a dangerous man with a beautiful face.

We’re arranged to marry.
Start a family.
Or else.

My father forced me to the altar, giving me to the silver-spooned gangster with a blackened soul. He hates my family. Hates me. And he’ll make me his perfect wife.

I’m supposed to serve him, bear his children, and obey.

I refuse to surrender to the monster in my bed…but submitting to his power fulfills my darkest desires. Before long, I’m enthralled by his steamy threats, his rough hands, his beautiful, deep eyes…and the terrible secrets they hold.

Am I in love with the man?
Or am I submitting to a monster?

99c SALE!

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