💸 Release Blitz 💸 Blood Bound by Lana Sky!

Blood Bound by Lana Sky!

A New Dark Cartel Romance!

# 1-click today!


In this twisted dark cartel romance, revenge and hate collide with the

Hunted by a dangerous enemy, Ada Pavalos is forced to place her faith—
and her life—in the hands of the man who has been holding her captive in his own twisted bid for revenge.

But the truce they’ve forged between them is fragile, impeded by Ada’s
struggle to trust where Domino’s loyalties lie—because what if the deadliest threat isn’t Jaguar after all?

What if it’s Domino who will destroy her in the end?

All Retailers https://books2read.com/DDS-BloodBound

Book One: All Retailers https://books2read.com/BloodMoney

Lana Sky is a reclusive writer in the United States who spends most of her time
daydreaming about complex male characters and parenting her Cockapoo Joey. She writes dark,
twisted romance across several genres. Her titles include everything from mafia romance to


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