๑🧡๑NOW AVAILABLE๑🧡๑ ☠️ Grave Mistake ☠️ by Nikki Landis!

இ ☠️ Grave Mistake ☠️ இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥Tonopah, NV Chapter 🔥

Author: Nikki Landis

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Link: https://books2read.com/GraveMistake/

🎃Blurb 🎃

Sometimes vengeance isn’t enough.

There are times when a man is forced to choose the wrong side of the law.

When everything is stripped away and ruthless, cold revenge is all that remains.

They call me Wraith for a reason.

When people need to disappear, I’m the one that’s called in.

I move through the shadows and strike without mercy.

But taking what is mine and leaving me for dead?

Yeah, that’s a grave mistake.

There’s no holding back now.

I might have a hell of a lot to lose but it’s nothing compared to the suffering I’ll unleash.

Halloween is a time when the devil likes to come out and play.

But the devil never counted on one of his own beating him at his own game.

*** For best enjoyment, it is highly recommended that Hell’s Fury is read before Grave Mistake.

* WARNING – This book contains dark and mature content, human trafficking, and violence with a paranormal REAPER twist.

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