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Title: A Clear Shot

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Series: K.O. Romance #3

Author: Gail Haris

Release Day: November 10,  2021



Vegas wedding. Greek mobsters. Somewhat emotionally detached and ruthless Mark Papas. Oh, what a night to remember. If only what happens in Vegas really did stay in Vegas. I wouldn’t be in the mess if I hadn’t let my jealousy get the best of me. I’m on a private jet going to help Mark deal with some family drama. Somehow, I don’t think his family drama is going to be quite the same as mine, like whose turn is it to host Thanksgiving dinner, and Mom should give me the family china.

One thing is becoming clear, my feelings for the enigmatic Mark Papas. But am I brave enough to take a shot with a man like him?


I should’ve known they’d find me. I left my family in Greece to try and escape them. My uncle is a vicious man—I mean, he killed my father. Now he expects me to forgive, forget, and return to fight for him. I always thought my mother would be safe, since she’s his baby sister, but I underestimated how badly he’d want my deadly skills. Unfortunately, Britney was with me when they approached. She’s the only other woman I care about besides my mother, which is why I’ve tried to avoid being in her presence at all costs. Somehow I know that the only way to keep her safe, and save my mother, is to end this once and for all with my uncle.

Retribution. Love. Death. I’ve got a clear shot, and I’m going to take it.

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