Catch a King is FREE!!!

To celebrate completing the series, Catch a King is FREE for five days only. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s your lucky day.

Get It Now: Catch a King

I came to catch a killer. I found her. A woman with so much sass wrapped in a body that will be my downfall.
She thinks she hates me, but hate doesn’t look at me like that.
Beautiful, strong, and brave but her loyalty lies with another.
She is to be auctioned and my brother is the only bidder.
Then I discover the truth. She was brought here for a reason.
My family will use her to bring our father’s killer down.
Will I betray my own family to save her life?

It was hate at first sight. I went undercover to find a killer. I found him.
When he looks at me, I’m a hot mess.
I don’t want to react to him; I don’t think I even like him, but my body has other ideas.
Dark flashing obsidian eyes rip the breath from my body and leave me burning inside.
The scowl on the face of what can only be described as a god among men is trying its best to scare the hell out of me and the fact this man is tall, broad, and wrapped in leather and evil intent, sends a message straight to my soul.
My heart says he’s going to break you, my head says walk away.

What if it’s not my choice to make?

The series is Five Kings, but each book can be read as a standalone and there are no cliff-hangers.

Other Books in the series.

Books in the series:

Catch a King


Steal a King

Break a King

Destroy a King

Marry a King – If you like to binge a series, read this one last.

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