🌹🌹Blood & Roses Boxset: Books 1-3 is out now and ONLY 99 CENTS!🌹🌹

The first three books in the Rose Vigilante series are bundled in a box set for ONLY 99 CENTS!

SALES ENDS SOON so be sure to grab it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09J

For fans of fast-paced, gripping, action-packed vigilante crime thrillers … escape into the first three books in the bestselling Blood & Roses series now. Gutsy, determined & smart heroines, twists & turns, nonstop action, heartstopping suspense, and fierce dog best friends—all with the punch-in-the-gut ending you’re craving.

Hundreds of five-star reviews on the individual books!

Blood & Roses: After being the youngest and the most dangerous assassin at the secret Italian facility that teaches young women how to kill, Rose abandoned her training to live as a normal teenager. Years later, her dark past and worst enemies catch up with her and destroy everything she holds dear. Now she only has one thing on her mind—a deadly vendetta.

Blood & Fire: Although Rose escaped from the Sultan years ago, the deadly cult leader continues to torment her. When he killed her boyfriend, Rose vowed to devote her life to hunting him down. Now, her search has led her to a small Australian town where a girl’s body was found surrounded by candles and bowls of blood. As Rose digs deeper, she soon finds herself the target of a dark, ancient evil.

Blood & Bone: When Rose arrives in Florida to meet her new love, she is stood up at the airport, but chalks it up to a misunderstanding. She soon learns there is more to her boyfriend’s disappearance than him going on a wild drinking bender. After a frustrating and ultimately fruitless search, Rose realizes he is being held against his will. Rose must risk everything to unravel the woman’s deadly plot before she once again loses the man she loves to a killer.

Blood & Tears: When the Sultan killed her boyfriend on the night she turned 18, Rose made a vow that either she would kill The Sultan or die trying. At that moment, she knew despite her best efforts to live a normal life, she was destined to be a killer. Now, after years of hunting The Sultan, Rose will finally have her chance to confront the darkest and most evil enemy she’s ever faced. She must kill or be killed.

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