Our baby proposition just got a lot more complicated.

THE BABY PROPOSITION by Kim Loraine is coming January 17th! Check out this stunning new cover AND new title!! Make sure to read Kim’s note below!!

PRE-ORDER your copy of this sexy, friends-to-lovers romance today!

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A note from Kim:
As authors, sometimes characters surprise us and give us way more than we planned for. Maverick Wilde did just that and demanded to be heard-which is no surprise to anyone who knows him. So, of course, I listened! Because of Maverick’s demands, WILD PROPOSITION is now THE BABY PROPOSITION! Get ready to be introduced to a whole group of mouthwateringly sexy heroes!

Maverick’s still the same cowboy we love, but his story offered too good of an opportunity to NOT give you a new world with swoonworthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines to fall for.

And that’s not all! Instead of book 4 of the Wilde Horse Ranch series, Maverick Wilde is kicking off my Anything for Love series—a brand new series of stand alone romances mostly set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

About THE BABY PROPOSITION (Coming 1/17/2022):

When the woman I’ve longed for decides she wants to have a baby, there’s only one man for the job — me. Now, if I can just convince her.

I wanted Clara the first time I saw her two years ago, but as soon as I figured out we’d be working together, I knew I had to stay far away.

And the friend zone has been working just fine.

Well, mostly.

The night she tells me she’s ready to get knocked up by some random donor changes everything.

Not on my watch.

I might not be partner material — running the family business and my new hockey team keeps me busy. I barely have time to talk to a woman, let alone fall in love. But there’s no way I’m letting Clara pick Donor #257, or anyone besides me.

The arrangement is perfect. I make my donation, she gets her baby, we go back to being friends. No strings. No messy heartbreak.

Until I suggest it’ll be a lot more fun to make a direct deposit and get her pregnant the old-fashioned way. All it takes is for her to agree. That spark between us? It’s a blazing fire I have no desire to extinguish.

Our baby proposition just got a lot more complicated.

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