Out Bad by Janice Whiteaker is FREE!!!

You can grab it free here: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/j54q41c4fs

I used to be that man.
The one you warned your daughters about and crossed the street to avoid.
Not anymore.
Five years ago I left my old life, and everyone in it, behind me. Walked away with nothing but the clothes on my back, carrying the burden of the things I’d done.
But I won’t look back.
Not when the view in front of me looks as good as it does.
Gwen is all I thought I could never have. All I’m still crazy enough to want.
Except my past doesn’t want to stay buried. It wants me to pay, and to the kind of men I used to know, there’s only one thing I have worth taking.
The only thing that really matters to me.
The only thing I would die to protect.

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