JUST A FLING is only sale right now on Amazon for only $0.99!!

JUST A FLING is only sale right now on Amazon for only $0.99!

It’s on a countdown deal, so hurry up and snag it before it’s gone!


I’m a Rohrick. Becoming a cop makes sense. You know that doesn’t? Sneaking around with Crosby Justa. Yeah, the very thing I promised Mom I’d never do—get involved with a Justa man.

What can I say? I like what he does to me in bed. I hate him for making me walk around with this…tingling need…all day. But there’s no regret. Not even close. And yeah, the idea we’re doing this right under our families’ noses makes it that much hotter.


Sleeping with Evelyn Rohrick wasn’t the end of the world. Until we get caught. Now it’s the end of the world. Or, at least, the end of our dirty secret. Gotta give Evelyn credit, she doesn’t run. She’s a Rohrick. They thrive off making awkward situations even more…awkward.

Now that we’re outed, we have something to prove. That this thing between us isn’t serious. We can stop anytime. Move on. Date other people. This urge to ruin each other’s dates, by foul means or fouler? That’s just the old family feud talking. Not the fact we’re perfect for each other…

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