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I suggested to Sam, my teenage crush / BFF, if neither of us is married before I turn thirty, we’d marry each other.

Sam is five years older than me and he insisted on a few conditions. My fortieth birthday would be the end of the pact. That we would make this a wager and contribute monthly to a fund to be invested. Whoever marries first loses the bet and the money. If we wed, we split the fund. If no one is married the day of my birthday, the cash goes to charity.

The last condition is that we don’t have sex with each other until we’re husband and wife. We’re both free to see other people until the I do’s.

The fund is now in the millions, the end of the pact is almost here, but I’ve met a new man that just rocked my world. OMG!

A triangle, standalone romance. The last twisty, oh so sexy ride from the Love@work series.

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