SALE!!! Winter Wonderland Box Set!

Winter Wonderland Box Set, which hasn’t been available since last December. This box set will be on sale for only $2.99 until Christmas, and available for December only. It’s my new bookish holiday tradition! This box set contains two full-length novels and a bonus holiday short story. 


Firefighter Nate Prudhoe and Dr. Bethany Morrison had one unfortunate “locked out of her house in a towel while trying to take a photo of a moose” encounter when she first moved to Lost Harbor, Alaska. The sexy doctor has been on Nate’s mind ever since, but Bethany is sure they have nothing in common. It’ll take a mysterious runaway hiding out in the firehouse, some Halloween mischief, and an early blizzard—but they’re about to find themselves Seduced by Snowfall.


Party girl Gretel Morrison vows to rely on herself instead of her wealthy family. If she can survive the winter in Lost Harbor, Alaska, she can survive anything—although maybe not the lethally sexy and attractive next-door neighbor, Zander Ross, and the two little brothers he’s raising on his own.


On Christmas eve, the unpredictable Lost Harbor winter has a big surprise in store for two high school sweethearts who never quite forgot each other.

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