Hawk, a Radish Exclusive by K.L. Savage is now LIVE!!

“My heart and soul both belong to the Ruthless Kings. And for years, I’ve been happy with that life. But recently, I’ve been feeling a longing for something more…It was on a routine run down to Phoenix that I found what I’ve been looking for. The problem is, she belongs to another. She belongs to the President of the club I’ve been tasked with getting back into line, to be exact. But the heart wants what the heart wants. If Molly and I want to be together, we’re going to have to navigate a sea of betrayal, club politics, violence, and even death.”

K.L. Savage’s All New Ruthless Universe begins with the story of Hawk, and the Universe is as merciless as it is smoldering…

Read Hawk Now, Only on Radish. When Radish users new or old visit radish.love/ReadHawk, they get an additional chapter free!

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