Jackson is FREE this weekend only!!

I have a plan…He derails it.

I’m the quintessential good girl. The one who makes straight A’s works hard, and never has time for fun. This is why I might be the most pathetic student at Denver University because I’m still single.

I decide to have a night out with my bestie and we hit a club to loosen up and I catch the eye of the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. He’s our star forward on our hockey team. I know he’s going straight to the NHL after graduation. 

But he’s wooing me every night, with every touch and kiss…I’m falling for him big time.
How can I compete with his parent who want him to marry his high school girlfriend? She’s gorgeous and fits right in as the perfect trophy wife.

And Jackson will be halfway across the country. How long do I wait for him to commit to me?

If you like a fling to lovers romance with all the feels grab Jackson now.

Get your Freebie here!

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