Romance & Christmas Miracles is only $0.99!! Limited Time Only!

When a small-town girl
bumps into a famous country singer in disguise,
unexpected healing begins…

Aurora McGovern was excited to find out that famous country singer Kline West was coming to her small town. Being close friends with his father, she was one of the first people invited to a Welcome Home party for the celebrity. But when an old employer asks if Aurora can run her coffee shop so that she can take her daughter to the party to meet the singer, Aurora’s kind heart wins out, and she passes up the chance of a lifetime.

Ever since a tragic car accident around the holidays claimed his mother and sister, Kline West has disliked Christmas. Partially blaming his father for the accident, Kline barely returns his phone calls and only comes to visit him during Christmas so that they can emotionally weather the holiday together. This year was supposed to be no different, sitting in near silence, pretending that Christmas doesn’t exist.

When Kline’s father unexpectedly throws a Welcome Home party for the country singer, the pressure becomes more than Kline can bear. Fleeing seems the best solution to ease his stress, and he finds himself at the local coffee shop where Aurora happens to be working. Little does he know that their chance encounter will change the meaning of Christmas for them both.

This heartwarming small-town holiday romance is a story of losses and gains, community spirit, and healing by helping others.

On sale in the US and UK for only $0.99 until December 26th.

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