Ignite You by Diana A. Hicks!

– An Enemies To Lovers Mafia Romance –
Available on all platforms

Dom Moretti, the man with a dark past and my only way out.

He says he can save me from the monsters. But who will protect me from him?

Family was everything to Emilia Prado. Until everything she loved most was ripped away. Now revenge is all she can think about. A lawyer by day she plays by the rules, but at night, she hunts the killer who destroyed her life. She won’t rest until he’s punished.

Former mafia hitman Dom Moretti has worked hard to keep that part of his life buried. Except her… Emilia. The one who got away. She’s returned and needs his help doing the unthinkable. He still wants her.

But is he willing to kill again?

A life they both walked away from keeps pulling them back for revenge. Just how far will one woman go for revenge? And one man for love?

Author’s Note: Ignite You now has a brand new cover. This 90k words novel contains explicit love scenes, violence, and kidnapping. No cheating. No cliffhangers. This title was previously released as Love Over Logic.


The dude was like a ghost. For such a large man, he moved silently, and had snuck up on her. “Don’t you know it’s not nice to sneak up on people? Especially when that person has hot coffee in their hands.”

And by god, but the way he was staring at her, like he wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of her, made everything inside her tighten and throb. Startling heat filled her core. 

Asher chuckled. The deep rumble made her belly coil and quiver. He smiled, the lines at his eyes crinkling. “I’ll take that under advisement. Do I smell bacon?”

That was what he was focusing on, and not the fact that he was still touching her. She kept staring at his lips, and at the beads of sweat as they rolled down his corded neck and the top of his chest. She fought the desire to lean in and swipe her tongue along one of the paths.

She cleared her throat as he extricated the mug from her hands and retreated a few steps. Being this close to Asher sent her system haywire. “Yep. Should be done in about two minutes.”

After he took a long sip of his coffee, studying her the entire time, he asked, “You cook breakfast before work?”

“Yeah, don’t you? Or are you a cereal kind of guy?”

“I’m a pick breakfast up on the way into work kind. There are a few places along my route where I typically stop and grab breakfast burritos, or donuts, or whatever I have a desire for.”

She shivered at the way he said the word desire. He made it sound dirty while at the same time insinuating that it was the most enjoyable experience. She swallowed past the lump in her throat, praying he didn’t notice that her stupid body was all too aware of his proximity, and liked him.

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