Depraved is FREE!!! Ends tonight!

Savagery. Sin. Depravity—these are my virtues.

My name is Dante Sovrano, head of the Chicago Mob. I run this city. Everyone bows down to me. With one exception. Sarah London.

The first night we met, I knew we shared the same appetites. She never said “Mercy” and all I said was “Good girl. “But the next time we met, Sarah stood up, looked me in the eye, and pulled the damn trigger.

It’s funny, the moment I saw her, I knew she’d be trouble. And definitely, my brandfiery, cutthroat, wrapped up in a lickable package. If anyone was made for me, it’s this woman.

But dark secrets are hiding behind those gorgeous blue eyes. Secrets she won’t tell. But I plan to know them all.

Trouble’s found her. And now Sarah knows she has to deal with the devil to solve her problems. Too bad the devil always takes your soul. And I’ll be keeping it.Whoever wants to hurt this woman has to get through me. Because nobody ever touches what’s mine. Not if they want to keep their lives.

This depraved King is keeping his feisty queen.

And I’ll take down an entire city to do it.


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