🔪 The cover for FIVE is here! 🔪 And FOUR has a new look! From authors Rachel Leigh and Sara Cate!

🔪 The cover for FIVE is here! 🔪

And FOUR has a new look!

From USA Today Bestselling authors, Rachel Leigh and Sara Cate comes a sequel to the dark reverse harem, Four.

Get ready to return to the world full of scorching assassins, romantic suspense, and all the steam!

Coming January 13th!



My family is everything to me.

When my life was ripped away from me, I found them.

Silas, Gabriel, and Baron—my hearts, my family, my home.

Together, we’re a dangerous family of assassins, but I’ve never been happier.

Until a member of our family goes missing.

He went out for a simple job and never came back.

Now it’s up to Baron, Silas, and I to bring him home—but what if he doesn’t want to be found?

What if the family he’s found is better than the one we have here?

And what if I find myself caught up in their web of lies while becoming strangely drawn to someone I shouldn’t be?

All I know is that I can’t live without my family, and I’ll do anything to keep them safe.

Even if that means facing the truth.

We’re nothing if we’re not together—all of us.

Designer: Opulent Swag & Designs

Start the Series Today: geni.us/Four

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