FREE copy of JAGGER!!!

Good-looking neighbor. Check

Good-looking neighbor going through the loops to convince her to give him a chance. Double-check.

At twenty-four, Violet reinvents herself after a bitter divorce. Enter a new career, place to live, and playful neighbor.

At twenty-one, Jagger is just what the doctor ordered. Hot and stubborn, he is set to sweep Violet off her feet.

Their chemistry is off the charts, but their affair is volatile, and then Braxton, Jagger’s best friend, comes to grips with how he feels about Jagger and Violet.

What happens next takes everybody by surprise.

This is a MMF series. The first book is a MF story. 

*Get ready for a fantastic story with deeply woven emotions, stunning settings, and a complicated tale of love, power struggles, and unexpected twists between three best friends, their saga spanning across a five-book series.

*This book ends in a cliffhanger.

*This is serialized content, so all books end in a cliffhanger and need to be read in order. The series ends in HEA (book 5).

Jagger (Wild Heart Series #1)
Loving Jagger (Wild Heart Series #2)
Loving Braxton (Wild Heart Series #3)
Wild Nights (Wild Heart Series #4)
Finding Home (Wild Heart Series #5)

*All books are available in the store.
Happy reading!


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