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Jake Cogburn lost his leg, his career, his brotherhood and his will to live when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan. When his old friend Hank Patterson offers him the job of setting up a Colorado division of the Brotherhood Protectors, he figures he has nothing left to lose and no prospects for employment otherwise. He accepts the offer. The new division’s location…a flailing dude ranch, run by a former Marine Gunnery sergeant and his feisty daughter.

Raised by her Marine father, Rucker Juliet Tate is as unconventional as the name her father gave her at birth. Working hard, with the support of her father and her adopted Military Working Dog, RJ is determined to make her father’s ranch successful. When she witnesses a murder, she’s thrown into the path of a killer and needs exactly what the Brotherhood Protectors can provide…protection. 

Jake’s first assignment is to stick to the ranch owner’s rebellious daughter and make certain she doesn’t die before the murderer is captured. RJ fights to keep from falling victim to the love blossoming in her heart over the cranky Navy SEAL who shadows her every footstep. Her challenge is to live long enough to see where these feelings take her.

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