30 FREE romance books!!!

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My father sold my hand to settle his debts… but my virginity wasn’t part of the bargain.Blurb:

My father never turns down a sure bet.

It was a win/win for him–no more owed money and an alliance with the Bruno family to boot.

He didn’t ask me if I wanted to marry a mobster.

He didn’t have to.

What I want doesn’t matter.

But if I’m forced to leave one uncaring man’s home for another, there is one thing I can take.

Or rather, lose.

And the delicious Irishman who wants to buy me a drink is the perfect man to take it.

That face.

That accent.

That body.

Every bit of it, all for me, for one perfect, toe-curling night before I’m married off to a stranger.

Only my new fiance isn’t a stranger at all… 

He’s the one night stand who took my first time.

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