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When AJ Adams is coerced into tutoring Brock Larson, she can’t help but wonder what she’s done to deserve such an epic punishment. He’s the very definition of an All-American good boy—and a total kiss ass. He’s the perfect son, the perfect student, and according to rumor…some kind of golf prodigy. Puh-lease. If he’s so perfect, why does he need tutoring?

With his British Literature grade circling the drain, Brock knows he needs help. But when he sees his tutor, he can’t believe his friggin’ luck. Abby Jane no longer resembles the childhood best friend he used to play hide and seek with. No, she’s all attitude, pink hair, and tattoos. Oh, and thanks to some trivial middle school B.S., she hates his guts.

The two couldn’t clash more and antagonizing one another is all too easy. But the lines begin to blur as they spend more time together, and Brock and AJ realize they have more in common than what meets the eyes.

Hate. Lust. Forgiveness. Love.

They all look the same when you’re in denial, and everyone knows you can’t control your rebel heart.

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