Excerpt Reveal for MR. BLOOMSBURY by Louise Bay!!

MR. BLOOMSBURY by Louise Bay

Release Date: March 8th

Genre/Tropes: Grumpy/Sunshine/Enemies to Lovers/Workplace/Arrogant Boss/Feisty Italian-American Assistant/Contemporary Romance/Billionaire Romance/Office Romance/Opposites Attract


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“Andrew Blake?” I didn’t need to ask. It was obvious. His John-Kennedy-Junior-had-a-baby-with-Chris-Hemsworth thing was in full swing. He was just missing the smirk—and thank God, or my vagina might have caught on fire. The man was even more gorgeous in the flesh.

He snapped his head around at my question and met my gaze, his disapproving frown burrowing under my coat and heading between my legs. He was still hot, even when he looked like he was about to bite me.

“I’m Sofia Rossi.” I held out my hand.

“So?” Ignoring my hand, he pulled out a bunch of keys and unlocked the gray door I’d been waiting in front of.

“So I’m a graduate of Columbia University. I’m a hard worker. I’m creative and organized and super flexible. And I want to be your assistant.”

“You’re American,” he said, almost spitting the words out as if he couldn’t possibly fathom a worse idea than having an American as an assistant.

“New Yorker. I’m tough as nails and ready for anything.”

He unlocked the final lock. “Not interested.” He pulled the door open and went inside.

I wasn’t giving up that easily. I caught the door just before it closed and followed him up the stairs, glancing at the elevator and wondering why we weren’t using it.

What was it about guys’ asses that they always looked at least thirty percent better in track pants? It was all I could do not to reach out and cup his perfect butt cheeks to see if they were as rock hard as they looked. “I heard your assistant quit. If you hire me, you don’t have to go to the trouble of finding someone else.”

He didn’t respond.

We stopped at the second floor, where Andrew bent to unlock the bottom lock of the double glass doors.

“I’m here, ready to work immediately.”

Still ignoring me, he unlocked the top lock, pushed through the doors and then switched on the lights, revealing a white, bright lobby area. I glanced around, taking in the clean, modern furniture that looked like it had never been sat on.

“I’m an early riser and—”

Andrew headed left into a small office, which seemed a bit cramped for a dick-swinging life destroyer, but as I followed him in, I realized there was a door the other side of the desk he was heading toward. I chased after him.

But he disappeared behind the second door just before slamming it in my face.

Okay, that could have gone better.


He’s cold, rude and undeniably arrogant.


That’s how Andrew Blake’s best friends describe him.

Bad luck for me that I’m his new assistant.

Nothing I do is good enough.

The more I try and please him, the more he ignores me.

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a heart in that tall, hard, gorgeous body of his.

After work I’m complaining about him to my new best friend—the bartender at the pub near the office.

Guess who’s seated behind me and has heard every gripe, grumble and grievance?

By the look in Andrew’s eye, I can’t tell if I’m going to get fired or kissed.

A standalone romance.


About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind she likes to read.


Ruined by bonk-busters and sexy mini-series of the eighties Louise loves all things sexy and romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.

Louise loves the rain, the West Wing, London, days when she doesn’t have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!


Connect w/Louise:

Website: https://louisebay.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorlouisebay

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/louisesbay

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louiseSbay

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2VSsbDb

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8056592.Louise_Bay

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/louise-bay


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