His Affliction by C.A. Rene is LIVE!!!

His Affliction

A Desecrated Conclusion
by C.A. Rene
Publication Date: March 1, 2022
Genres: Adult, Gothic, Romance

Purchase: Universal Link

I heard he was crazy, that his feelings were all dead.

I heard the bad things he did was because of the monster in his head.

He likes to deal out pain, reveling in his victims’ screams.

He likes breaking hearts, ripping them apart at the seams.

Everything became better, because he went away.

But none of that mattered, since a part of him stayed.

Now he’s back, looking for what he left behind.

They all whisper the same things, about his affliction of the mind.

People say he’s broken, this man Brody Landry.

But I think he’s beautiful, a perfect Prince for me.

About the Author

C.A. Rene I like to write about twisty dark things, you know… since my life is lollipops and rainbows. The computer screen is my canvas and the keyboard my brush, thank you for viewing my masterpieces.


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