🔥🔥 TEASER BLAST🔥🔥 GREED by Brooklyn Cross!

GREED by Brooklyn Cross is coming April 11th!



Being the archangel of selflessness got me screwed over and kicked out of my home. I’d

spent my entire existence guiding those to give of themselves and help their fellow angels. Even

when Lucifer marched on Heaven’s gate, I once more attempted to get those I called family to

see a better way. Sadly, Father didn’t see that. He didn’t even give me the chance to explain

before I was cast out of Heaven and forever trapped on Earth or worse in Hell.. If Father wanted

to cast me out and turn me into this symbol, the Sin of Greed, I would not only accept the

challenge as Riker, I’d rise above it.

And then I met her and the world once more shifted beneath my feet.

Mineta wanted nothing more than to have a normal life and do something that made her

feel proud. Working as a 911 operator gave her that feeling, but there was always something

missing from her life. She’d conditioned herself to allow those around her to walk all over her

for the greater good. Until one day, she unwittingly became the pawn in a chess match she never

knew existed.

A deadly war was brewing, one that had been waged for centuries and could mean the

end for humanity. Pulled into the middle of this tug-of-war, she met him, Riker. The man was

imposing, but the Sin that lived under that sexy exterior was terrifying, and yet her heart still

pounded hard when he was near.

Could Mineta have love in her life and save the human race, or would she end up having

to choose?

“Humanities first fall began with the snake and the apple of Eden. As the apple was devoured, the sin of Greed was born.”

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