99c Alphahole Roommates Series SALE!!!

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For a few days only, all THREE books in The Alphahole Roommates series are on .99 sale!

These are NOT KU books so if you’ve been wanting to read, now’s your chance.

The books are enemies-to-lovers roommate romances.

Alphahole – click to get to the buy page

Aiden and Carly’s book 

(enemies-to-lovers, roommate and office romance)

Carly is ready for a fresh start in a new city as a single career woman after being treated like a doormat by her boyfriend, her best friend, and her former employer. 

But her new corporate apartment has a roommate situation that’s tough to swallow. A gorgeous, arrogant, messy roommate. 

Turns out that roommate is also her new boss. And he’s gunning for her. He wants to screw her over at work and at home – if you catch my drift. 

This enemies-to-lovers romance has sexual tension up the wazoo! 

Good Girl – click to get to the buy page

Austin and Jada’s book.

Austin has a whack of drama to contend with in time for Aiden’s wedding. When he gets back, having to work in the NYC office for a few months, he’s greeted with a surprise roommate and things do not start off on the right foot – at all.  Despite being a good girl at heart, Jada has had enough of the drama in her life and finds her voice when it comes to arguing with Austin.

Things go from bad to worse and these two can’t seem to stop arguing.

But then Austin finds the dirty stories Jada’s writing about him on her computerโ€ฆ

Bad Girl – click to get to the buy page

You met Ally and Jude in Alphahole, and got extra intrigued about what might be going on with them in Good Girl. But what you didn’t know was that they had a hot night together and then Ally tried to ghost Jude. 

Ally has secrets. And the hot private eye is determined to figure out what they are. 

When she tries being extra- resistant, he fixes her little red wagon by finagling a way to move into her corporate apartment with her. 

Roommate wars galore!

These stories are dirty, fun, have feels, shenanigans, laugh-out-loud moments, and maybe even some cry-out-loud moments.

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