⚡️ Teaser ⚡️ Rachel by Serena Akeroyd!!

Can Rachel do what it takes and step into the role of Rex’s first lady?

Rachel, the thrilling conclusion to the must-read The Last Bachelor Duet from bestselling author Serena Akeroyd, is coming April 14th!

Pre-order your copy today→ http://mybook.to/RACHEL

Start the stunning first book, Rex today→ http://mybook.to/REX

Listen to the playlist→ https://spoti.fi/3vpA9YK

Synopsis for Rachel

It took a death for me to realize a hard truth:

I’m not just the Sinners’ lawyer.

They’re not just clients.

They’re family.

But my family is broken, torn apart by politics and dangerous factions who want to control us.

It’s no longer enough to stick to the sidelines. It’s not enough to be the face of the law amid the MC.

It’s time to ascend.

Rex needs his First Lady.

It’s time to rain hell.

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