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Ethan Greene is gorgeous,

And I totally hate him.

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Amy Reid

Ethan Greene is gorgeous,

And I totally hate him.

In front of everyone, he’d stood up and embarrassed me.

Made me out to be the fool.

Questioned my presentation on an invention I’d designed,

all because his stupid company couldn’t keep up with the times.

As if that wasn’t enough, the hotel staff had somehow given me the key to his hotel suite.

I hadn’t meant to walk in on him in the shower.

He might be an asshole, but damn he looked good dripping wet.

Ethan Greene

How was I supposed to know that the “A.Reid” from the patent application was a spitfire blonde with more attitude than height.

I had the entire thing planned.

Discredit her invention in front of the entire community to buy my family company and legacy more time to catch up.

I just hadn’t expected her to fight back so hard,

or to barge into my hotel suite on two occasions.

Okay, the first, I’ll admit.

I bribed the hotel staff to give her my key.

Amy Reid was not what I had expected.

She was far more.

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