FREE!!! Just like Grey (The Complete Collection FIVE)

Book 1: Damien Rousso
It was a trip of a lifetime to a billionaire’s island where she was wined and dined in the ultimate fantasy, but she could never believe she was enough for someone like Damien Rousso. Kate was everything he never knew he needed, and now she had to be his, no matter what the cost.

Book 2: Leon Rousso
With his wine business losing money, Leon starts to search for the source of the leak, only to uncover something far more appealing. Rosie never thought anyone would know it was her…but he found out and with her secret exposed, they were free to explore their darkest desires.

Book 3: Victor Rousso
A BDSM club in the South of France was the last place Victor expected to do business. Lauren was a simple pastry chef who was serving drinks to people with kinks, never expecting what that could lead to.

Plus FREE Bonus Book: My Saving Grace.

Just like Grey (The Complete Collection FIVE) get it here:



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