Owned ( Brutal Kings ) is FREE!!!

Owned ( Brutal Kings )

The main character is a villain. If you’re looking for redemption, enemies-to-lovers, and a bad guy and good girl dark romance, you will find it on these pages.

Nikki Love

I was drunk and he was dangerous.
I can tell even with my hazy vision.
He saved me from a stranger who had thought I was easy prey,
But despite his dark and dangerous presence, I felt at peace.
I’ve never felt safe,
Not with a man I called dad which had gambled me away,
This mystery man had held me close and I felt protected and vulnerable in his arms.
But safety is an illusion. And he is no hero.
I may have just fallen for the villain.

Because—as I soon discover—having a Brutal king save your life comes with a motive.

Dario Caraldi wanted something from me in return.

Warning: Adult content only.

Twisted, forbidden love, dark mafia collection, enemies to lovers dark romance series.
You’ll find yourself sweating from the hot and steamy encounter. If you enjoy anti-hero, alpha bad boy, and good girl, you’ll want to read Brutal Kings. These alphas are way too hot for a villain. Guaranteed steamy passionate love saga romance. 

Romantic suspense, forbidden love saga, bad boy good girl mafia romance no cheating.



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