NEW SERIES is coming soon!! 99c PRE-ORDERS!

Ahoy, me Flirties!! Batten down the hatches for we have a doubloon’s worth of treats for you!

Flirt Club is bringing you a treasure trove full of HEA guaranteed goodness bigger than Davy Jones Locker! Whether on land or sea, these lovable rogues are ex-special ops and modern day Robin Hoods with the heart of gold.

Don’t boom about, hold on tight! Because you are in for a swash-bucklin’ good time!

Pre-Order your $0.99 copies today…the prices go up to $2.99 after release:

May 23rd- Sold to the Pirate by Fern Fraser

May 24th- Walking Their Plank by Dee Ellis

May 25th- Shiver His Timbers by Mayra Statham

May 26th- Pillage & Plunder by Imani Jay

May 27th- Pirate’s First Mate by Daria Blake

May 30th- Deck Pic by Willow Sanders

May 31st- The Pirate’s Booty by MK Moore

June 1st- Rocking His Boat by Poppy Parkes

June 2nd- Man Overboard by Laney Powell


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