New Look: Infamous by Ivy Wild!

I will have her, and she will come to me willingly.

Infamous, a sizzling second-chance romance from USA Today bestselling author Ivy Wild has a smoking hot new look!

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Sophie Strong

I’m the world’s most hated person.

The disgraced pop star.


I wanted to move on,

finish my degree and move to the next chapter.

Except, somehow I ended up interning for his company.

He’s not like he used to be.

He’s strong, fierce and wants to be in control.

He said he loved me when we were just kids.

Does he still now?

Connor Driscoll

Even after all these years, I still wanted her.

Sophie Strong walked out of my life five years ago

to become America’s next pop idol.

But everything didn’t go as planned.

And now she’s back in D.C.

Back within my reach.

I was just a kid when she left,

but I built my fortune while she was gone.

I’m a different sort of man,

but I can tell that I’m the sort of man she craves.

I will have her, and she will come to me willingly.

This time, I’m not letting her go.

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