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One glance was all it took. 

From the moment I saw Isa, I was obsessed.

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My world is dangerous – my enemies everywhere. I came to Chicago to fight a war.

One glance was all it took. From the moment I saw Isa, I was obsessed.

For sixteen months, I’ve waited. Biding my time and learning everything about her.

And now it’s time to finally make her mine.

My beautiful innocent has a secret, but I’ll be damned if I let that stop me. I’ve taken her away to paradise and given her a choice.

Fall in love with me.

Or else.

Karina will pretend to be the wife of powerful billionaire Arpad — as long as he gives her a baby. 

But the sexy alpha has a few demands of his own…

The Billionaire’s Baby, a steamy enemies-to-lovers fake-relationship billionaire romance from bestselling author L. Steele is 99 pennies for a limited time only!

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I never should have agreed to this fake relationship…

Arpad growlypants Beauchamp aka Grumpzilla

The first time he met me, he told me that he hated my company.

I retaliated by spitting my Chai Tea Latte all over his tailormade slacks.

He granted the security agency I run, his business anyway, huh?

Clearly, it’s because he wants to control me.

To make my life miserable.

To become a thorn in my side, glowering down at me from his superior height.

So when I end up stowing away on his boat, by a quirk of fate, I demand he turn back.

He refuses. *ha, what a surprise!*

Instead, he proposes that we spend the time together, uh *exploring our shared chemistry*

I agree, provided he fathers a child with me, *true story*

Now watch him run for the hills—is what I think,

Except, he says yes.. no freakin’ way!

On one condition.

I pose as his fake wife on his next trip home to meet his parents.

I shouldn’t fall in with his plan but it’s too good an opportunity

Besides have you met this man?

He’s hotter than Hades, meaner than Vicious, more assured than the King of Spades ever was

He also does that thing with his hands… never mind!

I couldn’t have found a better candidate for the father of my child

So here we are stuck on his boat, and the chemistry between us is off the charts

Then we hit a storm and everything changes..

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