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McKenzie Ridge, small town, big secrets… deadly truths.

Killers hide in plain sight while danger lurks at every curve in the rugged mountain town where love… and lives, are on the line.

From USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie St. Klaire comes a shocking suspense set filled with danger, destiny and dry humor. The five-star McKenzie Ridge series will leave you on the edge of your seat, each twist and turn going darker and deeper as the saga continues to take you hostage with every jaw dropping discovery.

All FIVE captivating books included!

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Book 1, Rescued:
It isn’t just love on the line, it’s lives too…
Dawson and Sam agree on one thing…relationships are more work than they’re worth. But in their darkest hour they couldn’t deny their attraction to each other and now that he’s in her life, he’ll do whatever he can to stay there.

Dawson can’t shake the feeling that they are being watched and soon learns their small town has a fatal secret when it becomes clear Sam’s car crash was no accident.

Secrets and lies are revealed when tragedy strikes putting everything on the line, including lives, as a deranged criminal hides in plain sight.

Book 2, Hidden:
Is there a happily ever after, or is love a deadly game of chance?
A die-hard romantic, Colton is looking for a happily ever after, but finding Mrs. Right has been as fruitful as playing the lottery.

Megan Johnson is stunning with a regal quality that’s seldom found in small mountain towns and a mystery that has her new hunky neighbor intrigued. Gone were her days of fancy make-up and designer clothes. Here are the days of cheap flannel, and fake fur lined boots.

As things start to heat up and fall into place with her handsome firefighter, Megan’s past flashes its depraved face threatening her new life – and everyone she loves.

Book 3, Forgotten:
Sometimes learning the truth can be deadly…

When police officer Morgan finds an unconscious, amnesiac stranger on her ranch, she gives him a place to stay. As he starts falling for her, danger descends upon McKenzie Ridge, forcing the mystery man to confront his true identity.

An unputdownable romance!

Book 4, Fearless:
Lives are left hanging in the balance when tragedy strikes…
Everly Shaw is a spontaneous girl at heart who throws caution to the wind, the only risk she won’t gamble on… love.

Doctor Mason Charles knows exactly what he wants, and it’s Nurse Everly Shaw. The only problem, she doesn’t do relationships, but she will do late nights and secret rendezvous.

Twists of fate, destiny, and maybe a little luck are all he needs to be a hero to the one person who ends up needing him most. Wrongs become right, relationships unfold, and mysteries resolve only to find that good is being threatened by evil.

Lives are at risk when danger hides under the cloak of friendship.

Book 5, Redemption:
Sometimes you have to face your past to overcome it – even when it’s dangerous…
Underneath her foul mouth and tough exterior, firefighter Jessie Clarke is hiding something… A secret that could not only endanger her but destroy all those she loves in the small mountain town she calls home.

Blake Cooper, sexy police chief of McKenzie Ridge, is the perfect combination of rugged and good looks but he has secrets of his own. Secrets that could bring the strongest man to his knees.

Sparks fly when Jessie and Blake’s love-hate relationship comes to a screeching halt and they’re forced to work together in order to stay alive.

The secrets between them fuel the fire that’s closing in, igniting a blaze that could burn McKenzie Ridge to the ground.

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