Freebie Blast: Otterly Into You by Erin Nicholas!!

Her and her otters are going to be trouble.

Otterly Into You, a hilarious and sexy, small town rom com prequel from New York Times bestselling author Erin Nicholas, is available now and FREE! 

Download for ZERO PENNIES today!

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They’re not-quite enemies. They’re not-really friends. They’re definitely not lovers.

But they’re absolutely going to be one of those things when this is over.

He really doesn’t want to want this woman.

Or her otters.

And no, “otters” is not a euphemism.

She has otters. And she wants him to take care of them. And he’s going to say yes.

Is that going to get him laid?


Is that a good idea?

Definitely not.

Is he going to do it anyway?

Absolutely yes.

And he isn’t at all surprised to find that’s just the start of all the chaos…

Otterly Into You is the prequel to the full-length, stand-alone, HEA, rom com Kiss My Giraffe!

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