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Every steamy story is written just for her…and they’ve never even said hello.

Coffee and a bookstore, every Friday. That’s the official start of my weekend escape with my guilty pleasure—a Nick Penn romance novel. And a sneaky peek at the sexy laptop guy who’s always typing away in the corner.

There’s something insanely attractive about a man who loves books. It’s also insanely easy to imagine he’s my fictional hero, and I’m the heroine in his arms. Because every story feels like it’s been written just for me.

I’d planned to use my military experience to write suspense novels—until I looked up from my laptop and saw her. Somehow I found myself writing steamy romance, all for the sweet, shy woman who stops in my grandparents’ book shop every Friday like clockwork.

When we literally bump heads one day, I’m inspired to take this storybook romance off the page and make it real. But it turns out writing romance is a lot easier than living it…even with the help of my matchmaking grandfather.

Just for Me is a short, sweet, feel-good romance, starring an endearingly clumsy heroine and a disabled military veteran, that’ll leave you smiling.


I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, there’s nothing cute about that hashtag. Not when Prince Charming is Waverly University’s starting kicker and falls hard is code for breaks leg in three places. Now the Wildcats’ shot at a national title is on the line, and the fans are out for blood.

Me? I’m just trying to get through nursing school and graduate on time. No one knows I was responsible for Chase Spellman’s accident, and I plan to keep it that way.

Which might be easier said than done since my new patient is the smooth-talking, sexy-as-sin Prince Charming himself…

Download Holding Harper

Gianne Prescott carries the weight of her family’s financial ruin on her shoulders.

Awkward, shy, and unsure of herself, her new part-time job opens the door to playboy, Mr. Fuckalicious, aka Reed Malone.

When he makes an offer that will save the family business, she can hardly say no. 

Even if the deal threatens to destroy her. 


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