ALEXIUS, Dark Sovereign Book 1 by International Bestseller Author Bella J is releasing on May 10th!

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Series: Dark Sovereign Book 1
Genre: Dark Romance
Trope: Mafia Romance

I’ve never met him. Never even seen him.

But I’ve heard the whispers. The rumors. The stories about him being as cruel as his father.

Maybe even worse.

They say his presence wraps around your throat whenever he enters a room. And that’s exactly what I feel the moment he walks into the diner where I work, and I hear people breathe out his name.

Alexius Del Rossa.

They call him the crown prince of the Dark Sovereign—a society of men who own everything but the weather in this town.

Men say he has ice in his veins, and women talk about the corrupted heart in his chest. He’s the kind of man you pray never to cross paths with. The kind of man a girl like me has no chance of surviving.

But while his eyes trap mine, and his magnetism touches my skin, I’m unable to move when he forces me into a corner and hands me an envelope.

It’s an offer.

One I can’t refuse.

See, I have nothing. No family. No friends. No home.

I can disappear and no one will know.

And that is exactly why he chose me.

You can download a free copy of the first 8000 words of Alexius here: https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/icaxuxxy

Sneak Peek:

I’m no fucking saint, and I’ve never shied away from expressing my sexual need when I’m turned the fuck on. But while I kissed her, feeling my cock stir and swell, I hated it. I fucking hated that her mouth tasted so damn good; it made me wonder what her cunt tasted like.

And now, while I hold her hand as we make our way past all the cheering guests, there’s anger crashing in my veins while my dick is still fucking hard. I don’t want to want her. I don’t want to even fucking like her because she represents the one thing I’m forced to do to appease my dying father and secure what is and always has been my birthright.

For what seems like fucking hours, Leandra and I are bombarded with an abundance of congratulatory words and well wishes from the fuckton of guests my parents insisted on inviting, and I’m getting more and more agitated by the minute.

As the crowd wanes off, I lean closer to my new wife. “Well done,” I taunt. “Now, keep that pretty smile on your face.”

Her response is a simple sideways glare, dark eyes raging with an emotion I choose not to dissect, and I turn my attention to Maximo, who stands by the entrance to the house and nods, conveying the message that he needs to speak with me. The fucking guy looks more uncomfortable in a suit than Isaia does.

I reach for Natalia as she walks past and pull her closer. “Stay with her.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll be back in a sec.”

“Alexius, this is your wedding.”

I pin Natalia with my gaze. “Stay with her, and make sure she doesn’t fuck up.”

“Don’t worry,” Leandra sneers from next to me, her eyes ablaze with what I assume can only be hatred. “I won’t fuck up. I’m a Del Rossa wife now.”

“For two fucking seconds.”

“I’m a fast learner.”

I step up to her, and no matter how hard she tries to square her shoulders, I’m still a fucking mountain compared to her tiny form. I glance down at her parted lips, their imprint still burning on my own. Reaching out, I place a palm on her cheek, slipping my hand back and gently weaving my fingers through her elegant updo before biting my fingertips into the back of her neck.

She gasps, and I bite my lip, keeping my gaze pinned on hers. To our guests, it looks like a loving touch as I lean closer to her ear, while her rapid breathing proves what my cruel touch really is…a motherfucking warning. “I would caution you against the arrogance that can easily come with your new role. You might have the Del Rossa name now, but you’re still nothing but a pathetic fucking stray.”

“Six months,” she bites out in a whisper. “I have your name for six months.”

“And how that six months end is completely up to you.”


Bella J is an International Bestselling Author, who loves writing dark and gritty romance with alpha-holes who have absolutely no redeeming qualities…until they do. Maybe. 

Some of her bestselling novels/series include:

The Rise of Saint

The Fall of Sin

American Street Kings Series

Royal Mafia Series

She lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband, two kids, and a chihuahua who gets treated like royalty. 

Bella J’s writing motto: The darker the road to love, the sweeter the HEA.

WEBSITE: https://www.authorbellaj.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BellaJNovels/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/bellajauthor/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BellaJ_Author
BOOKBUB: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/bella-j


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