Discovered Vengeance (The Discovered Truth Series Book 10) is on SALE this weekend for .99 cents!

One look at her…and everything changes.

Can be read as a standalone. HEA.

An expert sniper, Estevan Reyes is on a mission in South America. To hunt down and neutralize whoever is kidnapping people for a vicious organ theft ring. But when the usually cool-headed marksman-for-hire meets Loretta King, he’s immediately drawn to the auburn-haired beauty, even though she isn’t part of the plan.

Loretta King took a sabbatical from her job as a bank manager to shake up her life. On a whim, she signs up with Doctors Without Borders in Colombia and is pleasantly surprised when she meets handsome Estevan. Loretta expected to be sitting on the sidelines at a computer, but soon finds herself on a harrowing journey with Estevan through the most dangerous jungle in the world.

Will Loretta and Estevan survive the jungle and stop who is kidnapping people and killing them for their vital organs?

Get it here: Discovered Vengeance

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