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💖Grab your copy of Broken Trust today:

Pacific Prep is a dark academy bully RH series with:

➰ FMC with a traumatic past

➰ Assassins & criminal organisations

➰ Lots of steamy scenes

➰ Deception and lies at every turn 


My name is Hadley Parker, and today I take control of my life

Today I start school at Pacific Prep. This is my new lease on life, and I won’t be wasting it. 

I need this, now, more than ever. I need the education, the promise of a future that I wouldn’t get anywhere else. 

These rich kids don’t like me though. 

When Hawk Davenport decides he doesn’t want me here, his friends back him. 

Along with Hawk, Westley Warren, Cam Rutherford, and Mason Hayes rule this school and nobody dares go against them. 

They don’t know the real me. I won’t back down.

TW: abuse, bullying, dubcon, violence, graphic scenes 

💖Start the series today:

*Pacific Prep is a complete series that ends in an HEA.

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