🖤NEW RELEASE🖤 Undeserving by Selena Gutierrez! + Excerpt


Title: Undeserving
Series: Brutal Loyalties
Author: Selena Gutierrez

Mafia Romance, Surprise Pregnancy

One night.
Memorizing every beautiful part of her.
I thought it was enough.

I walked away.
Shielding her from who I really was.
Until it came to light.
Still, I stayed away.
No other option but to, as I defended my family–the Rizzi Legacy.
I had to stay away.
Away from who I became when I spilled blood in the name of family.
Although things don’t always go as planned.
Fate intervened.
And I am gifted with the most undeserving gift at the brink of war.

Now I must become what I hid from her, in order to protect and defend what I love most.
Even if that means locking her up from the world.
She’ ll hate it.
Fight it.
But I could care less.
I vowed to protect blood and that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Time to become the 𝑏𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑡 she’ll hate forever.
And the one who will love her forever.
Let the fight begin.

**Brutal Loyalties is a series of interconnected, standalone, mafia romances.**


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“Bella, wait!” Cars honked. “Fuck you!” I yelled, slapping down the hood of a car.

Bella looked over her shoulder but kept running.

How she ran in three-inch heels was fuckin’ beyond me.

By the time I reached her at the elevators the doors were closing.

“Hey!” Stopping it with my arm, I got in and saw tears that threatened to ruin her makeup. This was just one reason she needed to stay away.

I reached for her, but she stepped back as the elevator stared.

“No, don’t! I am sorry; I don’t know what came over me— God, this was a mistake! Tell your friend I’m sorry.” she tried getting off on the next floor.

I tugged her back. “She should have never offended you and—”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me.” She forced a smile with eyes ready to release all the water works. “Just one drunken night, right?”

No, it wasn’t just a drunken night, but you have to believe it was.


“Just a good fuck?”

My hand fisted behind my back. “Yes.”

“Just a random faceless fuck?” Her statement was more of question. A hopeful question that would have me admit my mistake. But I couldn’t. At my silence she tried to move past me.

Shoved my arm away as I tried to stop her.

“I think you’ve said enough Dante.” she pushed the following floor.

“No, I haven’t,” I reached back, hit the emergency stop button. “You have…” The alarm pierced our ears. “Shit!” I ran my hand down my face.

Arrrghh! Why was this so fuckin’ difficult?

She covered her ears.

The fuckin’ ringing of the alarm was enough to make me want to shoot myself.

I nearly pulled the gun from my jeans.

“Dante, I get it! It was one night,” she spat and tried starting the elevator. I stopped her, making her furious. “MOVE! I don’t need your comfort! I just—you know what, never mind!”

She reached for the button again.

I backed her into the wall. “Look I’m no good for you!” I yelled holding her shoulders looking into her soul, trying to get my damn point across. “Understand that?” She tried hard to hold on to the tears. “And I told you I’m not worth those tears, so fuckin’ stop!”

“So, you’ve said!” She pushed into my face. “Now let me off this damn elevator! Like I said this was a mistake!” she put her hand on her forehead and sucked in a breath. “I should have never wanted to tell you about…” she closed her mouth. “Just forget about it.”

“No! What were you going to say?” I asked harshly but why she was so upset.

She had to understand I couldn’t be with her.

I caged her into the wall “Know what?” I demanded.

“Move Dante!” she pushed me back yelling over the alarm.

“Know what?!” I roared.

“Get off!” she yelled at the same time.

I stepped closer. “NO!” I slammed the wall. “You are clearly upset about something—”

“Stop! I am just your one-night stand, right?” A tear ran down her cheek; she wiped it angrily. “Just one of your whores!”

If only she knew the truth.

Hearing her call herself that tugged at my heart. I wanted to hurt her but seeing her there hurt me more.

I closed my eyes, inhaling a breath and stepped away from her. “I didn’t say—”

“—I don’t need your pity!” she pushed me as hard as she could. But I was bigger and stronger that I barely moved. “Get out of my way or I swear…” she stretched out her arm to hold herself from swaying.

“Hey do you—”

“I’m fine!” She steadied for a moment. “Get out the fuck out of my…” She barely got out the last word before her eyes rolled back.

Merda.” I jumped forward catching her before she collapsed. “Isabella hey, Bella hey.” I reached out and started the elevator again. Fuck! “Bella?”

I lifted her in my arms as the doors opened to our offices.

“Michelle first aid kit now!” I headed for my office as the people around us started whispering. Pointing. Questioning. “Get the fuck back to work! Before I fire all your asses!”

“What hell is going on?” I had forgotten Enzo was coming in until he walked out of his office to see what all the commotion was about. “SHIT! Everyone back to fuckin’ work!” People scrambled back to their positions as he followed me into my office. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. We were arguing in the elevator, and she just fainted.” I laid her on the leather couch of my office.

What the fuck happened?


Brutal Loyalties is a series of interconnected, standalone, mafia romances.

Amazon US | Amazon Worldwide


Selena Gutierrez is romance author who loves to create worlds where others can escape to. Blames her love for romance to all those movies she watched as a kid and her love from bad boys comes from all the sexy villains in tv shows. Los Angeles is where she calls home and she loves it. Believes drinking coffee is a religion, wine is always welcomed, music is always blasting anywhere she is and when she isn’t writing she is usually with family or friends making memories. Oh and don’t forget social media where she loves sharing small parts of her day

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