The Unbound Trilogy Boxset is on sale for only 99 cents!!

One click a copy today before the price goes back to 9.99. 

A one night stand leads to an unraveling of secrets and unforgiving lies. They pile and pile until Logan and Ellie can barely breathe. However, shadow is lurking in the corner, ready to stake his claim. And, he’s coming. One isn’t who they seem. The other finds themselves in way too deep to let go. When the mystery is revealed, it’s a game of time before walls crumble, the earth shifts, and one of them has to pay the price.

That’s three books for less than a dollar and you don’t have to wait for those cliffhangers.

Meet Logan and Ellie in The Unbound Trilogy boxset.

I’m Logan Mitchell, and I hold many secrets in my greedy hands.


They bow at my feet. Do what I ask and come back for more.

But Ellie Wynn, I don’t want her bowing, I want her to kneel.

She thought our time together was one night, a twist of fate.

How wrong she was.

Ellie has been mine since the day I saw her.

Little does she know, it wasn’t that night. 

It was years ago.

Well before I even understood she was mine.

One taste, one touch, one kiss, and it wasn’t enough.

Not for me.

I’m prepared to fight dirty, and I plan to succeed.

Lies, deceit, and betrayal.



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