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Book 1 of 2 in the Shattered Duet

I was raised by the devil and in love with the enemy. Both of them could easily destroy me if I let my guard down.

I’m the daughter of the president of the Vegas Kings MC. I was born and raised with the club.

Zane’s a member of Shattered Souls MC and nephew to their president. We grew up together, leaned on each other, loved one another. Enemies and lovers. But, we knew even back then that it was life or death. Walking away was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do.

Years later he comes crashing back into my life, refusing to stay away. He’s not the boy I remember, he’s a man full of anger and pain hidden in his dark eyes. I try to keep my distance, but when it comes to that wicked smile that means nothing but trouble, it’s impossible. The risks are higher, the wounds are deeper, but the want is stronger. It’s a deadly situation for us both.

Love should stand the test of time, but I let my guard down. Now the devil will do whatever is necessary to make one of us suffer – forever.

(Previously published as Shattered)

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Book 2 of 2 in the Shattered Duet

His rage is problematic. His ruthlessness is warranted. His revenge is inevitable. Zane Madden, SGT at Arms of the Shattered Souls MC, will do whatever it takes to win this war. A war started because of his love for Harper Kingsley – the enemy’s daughter.

He almost lost her once, but he won’t let that happen again. To keep Harper safe, Zane must end the threat once and for all. As lies escalate and trust is broken, seeking the revenge he desires becomes almost impossible…but worth the risk for the woman he loves.

But as the stakes are raised, the wounds get deeper, and the secrets become more explosive, will their shattered souls be able to get the redemption they seek?

(Previously published as Redemption)

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He finds loving someone hard, protecting someone natural, and dying for someone necessary. 

Kace Chambers keeps women at a distance for good reason. That is until Ivy Hollins comes crashing into his world. The attraction is immediate, but when his feelings start to grow, his walls go up. However, when he finds out she’s leaving Vegas, they decide to have one hot night of giving into it all. Kace is a member of the Shattered Souls MC and when a new threat tries to move in, the demand to end it is imperative. The Raging Devils are a ruthless, vile MC, so when things go wrong they are out for bloody revenge. Kace and the Shattered Souls must do whatever is necessary to protect their club and their lives. He never would’ve expected things to get more complicated, until Ivy shows back up – carrying his baby.

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When I met Riley Giddens I never expected this incredibly sexy man with colorful tattoos, smoldering eyes, and muscular body to own my heart. He’s part of Shattered Souls MC and they are trouble. Riley is careless in life, heartless in bed, and twenty years my senior. Still, I can’t stay away. I’m sucked in by his deep voice, demanding touch, and possessive ways.

When Federal Agent McKay shows up at my door, I’m up against a wall. I’m too deep into a world I want to avoid. Riley promises me he’ll handle it. He’ll keep me safe at all costs. This protective side of him only draws me in deeper and scares me more. He’s in danger. Dealing with a dirty federal agent is one thing. Doing it without the knowledge of your club is something else entirely.

Riley’s need to protect me just might destroy us all in the end.

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