Release Date: June 8

After the War in Heaven, they fell.
Stripped of their wings, they divided into sides: daemons and undecided.
He wants her loyalty.
She wants her freedom.
When fire fights fire…who burns?

What courses through me, if not the need for desire and corruption?
It is after all, what I am.
Daemon. The worst of The Fallen.
And my job is clear.
Secure fealty from the Undecided to whom we are bound.
Diablo has not wavered in five thousand years.
And I not only wanted her on our side. I will stop at nothing to make it happen.

What will I become if I swear my fealty and surrender to the dark?
It is not who I once was.
I may no longer be an angel, but I will be Undecided until the end of time.
Dante doesn’t intimidate me. Not anymore.
The fire that drives him, is now alive in me.
I’ve been paying since The Fall. And I’m done paying in blood and tears.
I will break myself from our bond. And will stop at nothing to make it happen.

This is a dual POV dark paranormal romance. It includes mature content and intended for readers age 18+.

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Meet D.M. Simmons

D.M. Simmons is an award-winning author of adult and new adult fiction.  She is passionate about creating atmospheric worlds and telling captivating stories that take  readers on an adventure. Fascinated by the indellibale power of love, romance is usually at the heart of her stories, along with the narrator’s journey. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, sons and crazy cats.

When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, listening to music, binge-watching shows, reliving the 80s, running her kids around, creating storyboards and aesthetics, and wondering where the time goes. 

Click here to read more about her publishing journey and what’s next.

To learn more about D.M. Simmons and her books, visit here

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