Friction by Tracie Delaney!


Jared Kane…

Our new racing driver.

God on the track.

And the man I didn’t know I wanted until I fell into his arms and kissed him before uttering a single word.

He’s resisting me at every turn.

But he’s wasting his time.

I always get what I want.

And I want Jared Kane.

Paisley Nash…

The boss’s daughter.

Spoiled, entitled, tenacious, and spunky.

She’s completely off limits.

Until I’m warned not to touch her.

Then it’s game on.

Except taking her to my bed might cost me everything I’ve fought hard for.

No woman is worth that.

Not even Paisley Nash.

Burned by SE Rose & Sierra Hill!


It was just a fling with the perfect man. There’s only one problem.
Now, she’s his boss and it’s forbidden.

Callie Bartholomew is the new fire chief in the small town of Rivers Crossing. She thought being the first female fire chief was going to be her greatest challenge, but when she sees her former fling is on her crew, it becomes clear that working side-by-side with him might be the hardest part of this job.

Tyler Holmes never thought about a second chance with the one woman from his past that he measures all other women against. Yet, there she is…Callie. When he heard there was a new fire chief, he never imagined it was her.

How is he supposed to concentrate with Callie near him all day? How is he supposed to stay away from her? Will Tyler be able to ignore his attraction or will he let it burn his career down to ash?

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