99c PRE-ORDER!! Tease Me Collection!

Sink into this incredible collection of never-before-released full-length novels! Available for a limited time only!

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•✫✶•Contributing Authors•✫✶•

K.L. Shandwick | Tracy Broemmer | Victoria Liiv

DJ Krimmer | Serena James Chase | Linzi Basset

Leanora Cowan | Kay Elle Parker | Reese Spenser

Kathryn Hearst | Jade Royal | Susan Stradicotto

Zee Irwin | Charmaine Louise Shelton | Amy Cecil

Elise Knight | Scarlett Finn | C.H. Eryl

Jane Poller | Harper Cross | Susie Mciver

Thia Finn | Lizzie Stone | Amy Luckie Stephens

Devi Duarta | TL Hamilton

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