The first time I meet Stone Ferraro, it’s hate at first sight, and then he kidnaps me. On his mafia boss’s orders, but still…not a great first impression.

The second time I meet him, he calls me a derogatory name, and I knee him in the balls. Not exactly the sweet social worker look I was going for, but hey, it had to be done.

The third time we meet, it’s over my ex-boyfriend’s—his identical twin brother’s—grave, and he shocks me with a mind-melting kiss.

The fourth time we meet, he takes one look at my belly filled with his dead brother’s baby and declares me his.

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A disenchanted superyacht chef and a hunk of a deckhand. Will a hot night between the sheets cure wanderlust?
I expected this job to be perfect—fancy tasting menus while schmoozing elite clientele and island hopping in the Caribbean.
Instead, we’re stuck in Antigua, with nothing but boat work.
I accidentally saw my coworker naked on my first day.
And I can’t stop thinking about him.
When the yacht gets sidelined, will the building tension crash over me, or will I escape and find the adventure I’m looking for?
The Night in Lover’s Bay is a 18k prequel with a to-be-continued ending for the Love and Wanderlust Series. These contemporary romances are full of steamy nights between two travelers, perfect to feed your wanderlust.

The Night in Lover’s Bay

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