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Foundation: A Grouchy Geek Romance

Meet the Brady family. They’re brilliant, brooding and barreling into relationships whether they like it or not.

Zack Brady doesn’t do relationships. He does calculations.

When his family engineering firm sends him to investigate a sinkhole at a client’s house, Zack feels a tremor in the foundation of his carefully calculated world.

Her name is Nicole Kennedy. She’s loud and crass, and has no time for nonsense. She certainly doesn’t have time for a mysterious trench swallowing her yard. To make matters worse, the grouchy engineer who shows up to fix it is the same jerk she’s forced to run beside during the corporate relay race her boss insisted she run.

Somewhere between jogging and poring over geotechnical engineering plans, Nicole and Zack feel the earth move. Can they overcome their past to build something meaningful?

Foundation is book one of the Brady Family series. If you love messy family dynamics, unforgettable characters and sizzling chemistry, you’ll devour this new series by Lainey Davis, creator of the Stag Brothers series.


One night together is all I thought we would have. After all, he sings to millions every day, and I hide behind a computer screen.

But Nash Parker is the man I haven’t been able to stop thinking about, and when fate brings us together again at the Dogwood Cove Summer Solstice Festival, I find out he hasn’t been able to let go of me either.

He’s famous, I’m a nobody. But our chemistry is undeniable. Can I keep my heart protected for one more night with the man of my dreams?

Or will he seduce me into falling in love…

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Heartsick cowboy Tucker couldn’t be more knotted up. Between grieving his fiancée and being pressured by a coal company to sign over mineral rights to his land, he’s boots-deep in emotional turmoil. On top of that, he and Claire are getting too close for comfort.

Then there’s his buddy Christian and that smokin’-hot night of passion the three of them shared.

So what’s a confused cowboy to do? He runs.

Christian and Claire are left caring for their lover’s ranch—and each other. But when Tucker returns, flying fists and aching hearts might break them apart forever…or is their bulldogged determination just the glue they need to bond all three?

If a dose of angsty love and two steamy cowboys serving their cowgirl is your thing, 1-click WRANGLED UP now and then BINGE the entire Menage a Trouble series!


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