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He’s the hot, say-it-like-it-is cowboy, and he won’t stop until he gets the woman he wants.

I’m not going to get involved with the smooth-talking cowboy.

I’ve been hurt before.

I’ve been used and cheated on.

And I’ve lost my faith in men.

But Austin Yates is doing his best to change my mind.

He’s the hot cowboy that is doing business with my dad.

I told him I don’t date my dad’s clients, so he said he’d take his business elsewhere.

Any excuse I make, he finds a way around it.

He’s not going to take no for an answer.

He’s protective and willing to fight for me.

And he swears I’m going to be his.

Now, if only I believed that he can be Faithful.

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Home is my cabin in the mountains, where I decompress.
As a soldier I know I shouldn’t get attached. But right now I have everything I’ve ever wanted—
Except a curvy beauty to share it with.
Then Natalie appears at my front door like a babe in the woods. She’s exactly the kind of distraction I don’t need while I’m deployed. I’ll worry about her. I’ll dream of her.
I can throw her out—out of these woods, out of my home, out my life.
But I can’t throw her out of the spot in my heart she’s carved open and crawled into.

Confession: I’m a romance novel addict.
My favorite kind of heroes? Mountain men.
I realize I’m more likely to meet Sasquatch out here than a real-life, hulking, handsome recluse who will come to my rescue if I get lost.
It’s just a silly fantasy…until my eyes land on him. My mountain man. My hero.
Cruel is the fact that Gunnar is deploying in just three days.
He says I don’t have to wait for him.
But that’s not how the story is supposed to go.

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Love is the last thing on my mind the night I meet Jade.

But with that beautiful smile and those endless curves, she’s got me instantly smitten.

Every fiber in my being wants to claim her.

Cherish her.

Make her mine forever.

But before that can happen, I need to be completely honest with her.
And that’s damn hard to do when you’ve promised to keep something a secret.

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Four years ago, he was the nerd in high school. I was the captain of the cheerleading squad.
I liked him then, but nothing ever came of it.
When I see him again, all those old feelings come up and I know that I won’t let him go again.

I’ve followed her for four years… from afar.
I’ve taken care of her, even though she doesn’t know it.
When I need her help, I try to prove to her exactly how I feel about her.
But when she finds out how hard I worked to make this happen, will she forgive me?

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