99c SEAL Romance!!!

A man like me doesn’t turn away from danger. I run toward it. 
SEALS never stop until the mission is complete. 
Especially when it’s making my teammate’s missing sister mine for good. 

But I’m not just fighting the dangerous criminals hunting her…
The sexy doctor is determined to challenge me all the way. 

For fourteen months I’ve been looking at a crumpled photo in my pocket. Wondering what it would be like to have those eyes turned on me. Hungry to know what her voice sounds like in the dark of night. 

So when her enemies come for her, I don’t hesitate to walk right into the viper’s den. Any risk is worth taking. I won’t stop until I know she’s safe in my arms. 

Because I know in my marrow that she is the one. When I look at that picture of her, I see a future that I want for the very first time. Now I just need to prove I’m the only hero she’ll ever need. 

About Clash Landing

Tracking his teammate’s lost sister leads former Navy SEAL “Mako” Wright on a race across the globe. But Dr. Erika Cerna’s not convinced she needs a hero. She’s determined to continue the work that is her true passion. 

But the risk to her safety goes beyond the usual dangers she knows. And Mako and the Agile Team are prepared to do anything to bring her home safely.

This sizzling full length book is a standalone and can be read as part of the Agile Search and Rescue Series. No cheating and no cliffhangers. Just page turning action, hot-flash igniting chemistry, 

and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. Curl up tonight with this heart-pounding Happy Ever After suspense romance.

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