ETHAN is on SALE for 99c!!!

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ETHAN is a KINDLE deal!

Intimidating, overbearing, disciplined, perfectionist…

Ethan Walsh’s focus is singular, building his legacy—a legal empire.

Nothing else matters.

Well, until Felicity Pratt barges into his life.

She’s overqualified, no-nonsense, and full of ambition.

The fact she’s the most gorgeous woman he’s ever seen is unbearable.

She shouldn’t occupy his brain 24/7.

To make things worse—she challenges him each step of the way.

The fact he can’t think straight when she’s in the room compromises every principle he stands for.

When war turns into attraction, conflict into lust, respect into adoration—one question remains…

Will he wager his life’s work for a lifetime of her love?


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