MC ROMANCE for just 99c!!!

Blade is on SALE for 99 pennies!

Rebel deserves better than a man like me: Ruthless. Lethal. Bike Enthusiast.
He killed my best friend, and I’m out for revenge. But when I find out the chick I’ve been seeing is the enemy’s daughter, I don’t know if I want to do her or kill her.
Both sound like a good plan…and a terrible idea.
But when she gets kidnapped by my own motorcycle club, and in exchange for her freedom promises to help us take down her father, I think maybe things can work out with us after all.
Unless she’s just lying to get back at the club.
I have to trust what she says is real, because damn, I feel like I’m falling for this sweet little spinner.
And she just may be my undoing.

Get it here: Blade

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